Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lynch Third on Edmonton Eskimos Debt Chart

Jordan Lynch of Edmonton Eskimos
Jordan Lynch has moved up on the depth chart for the Edmonton Eskimos this season.  American football fans might be surprised to hear that Lynch frequently plays on special teams.  The bigger field in Canadian football makes for a more challenging game for quarterbacks in the CFL.  Teams may need more QBs than they would normally take in the states and they make use of  backup QBs on the squad. Lynch's athleticism has been used by Edmonton on kickoffs. He has seven special teams tackles. He has also come in occassionally to run an offensive play where his running skills are acceptional.This year Lynch rushed 39 times for 155 yards and four TDs. Luynch completed 3-of-4 passes for 14 yards and a touchdown. 

Back in the United States, Lynch played quarterback at Northern Illinois University and Mount Carmel High School. Lynch's home was on the south side of Chicago in the Mount Greenwood area.  Lynch played for the Chicago Bears briefly before moving to Canada.

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