Friday, January 9, 2015

NFL Playoff Games: January 10-11, 2015

This weekend Games

Dallas at Green Bay

The Dallas Cowboys squeaked by the  Detroit Lions last week with the help of a bad call.  In my opinion, it wasn't the only bad call in the game, and some favored Detroit.  Green Bay on the other hand got very strong towards the end of the season and would probably be the easy favorite playing at home were it not for Rodgers' calf injury.  I think somehow Rogers and the Packers will win, but Rogers will have to leave the field no worse for wear if the Packers are going to win again. Calf injuries are often graded from 1 to 3 and a slight injury #1 -can heal in a two week period.  A more severe injury can take two months or even longer.  If Rogers has a slight injury, he's going back before it's time and that will put the Packers at risk.  You could put Matt Flynn in and see how he measures up to Tony Romo, but Rogers is too competitive for that.

Baltimore at New England

Baltimore can beat the Patriots.  They will have to play very well to do and it will be a cold night, but this team has the character to do it.   New England played some tight games down the stretch after they looked unbeatable for while.  So this one is tough to call.  New England should win, but again, Baltimore can win this, but the game will be in New England so you have to go with the Patriots. (Update: Last night New England beat Baltimore 35-31 in the playoffs to move into the AFC Championship next week.)

Carolina at Seattle

This will likely be Seattle all the way.  I was not impressed with Carolina this year except I like their coach.  To me this looks like a big win.  I don't think that Seattle will let up.  (Update: Last night Seattle beat Carolina 31-17 in the playoffs to move into the NFC Championship next week.)

Indianapolis at Denver

This is another tough one, because the Colts looked very beatable their last game in the first half against Cincinnati. Adam Vinatieri kicked four field goals.  Of course, Cincinnati had a solid team.  Denver had a good stretch heading into the playoffs, but they lost to Cincinnati  before Christmas and Manning is dinged up.  This one could be very close.  I give the edge to Manning at home.

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