Friday, January 30, 2015

Trestman Goes to Ravens as Offensive Coordinator

Trestman is a good man and a good coach.  He's replacing Gary Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator  on John Harbough's staff and it's a good spot.  He'll have Joe Flacco to work with in Baltimore. 
Trestman has had many years of experience working in the NFL.  Before becoming a head coach, Trestman worked with quarterbacks Bernie Kosar, Scott Mitchell, Jake Plummer, and Rich Gannon.  He gets excellent grades for working with each of these players. 

Trestman moved on to Canada as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes and had great success.  In his five years as head coach of the Mountreal Alouettes, he was in the Grey Cup (their Super Bowl) three times and won it twice.  The Bears hired Trestman as head coach in early 2013. Things did not work out in Chicago.

Trestman talks about facing setbacks as they happen and not being bowled over by them.  For Trestman, how you react to setbacks is part of life just as how your react to wins.  Just how Trestman reacted to his teams play annoyed some Chicago fans. 

Winning championships in the NFL requires many things to line up just right.  In Baltimore, John Harbough had a recent winning tradition that can be built off.  Trestman is a "smart guy" and should do well there.