Friday, January 9, 2015

Todd Bowles One of the Strong Candidates for NFL Head Coaches

After one year as defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, Todd Bowles is a candidate for several NFL Head Coaching jobs.  He came from the Eagles and before that worked for the Jets, Browns, Cowboys, and Dolphins during his 15 year pro career.  When he was with the Dolphins, he took over as head coach to see the team through the final 3 games.

The Arizona Cardinals were marching through the 2014 season as one of the best teams in the NFL when Carson Palmer, their quarterback went down with a serious knee injury.  Their second string quarterback went down and  most observers believe it spelled lights out in their wild card team loss.  Their defense under Bowles was among the best in the NFL. The Cardinal ranked tops against the run, and were high in sacks, takeaways, and interceptions.

Bowles played for the Redskins and 49ers as a pro. In college, he played at Temple where he was team captain.

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