Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pete Rose Message for Athletes

Pete Rose is one of the tough guys in sports.  His issues with gambling aside, he is doing a lot of talking these days and I heard something from his this past weekend when he was on the Sunday Morning Show that I thought was worth repeating. 

Pete was talking about when he gets together with young baseball players--minor leaguers. He tells them that every one of them has more talent than him, but not one of them will achieve what he has done.  He tells them that's because he when he played he was all in, playing, winning, was everything to him. 

When Rose was playing, he gave it his best every second, every play.  Success followed. 

When you watch a sub par performance on the field, you have to wonder sometimes--what went wrong.  And many times there is no easy answer. But sometimes when a team seems to fall apart and you see players lose heart and look for excuses, Pete Rose's words make sense.  When the entire team is "all in," they may not win every game, but they are not going to lose many of the ones that they could have or should have won.  

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