Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Patrick McCaskey Recieves Mention at Cheshire Academy for Third Book

Trustee Patrick McCaskey  received mention  for his third book Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three of More Championships. 
McCaskey played football prior to enrolling at the Academy in 1967, but was advised by his doctor to no longer play contact sports. Although he never had an opportunity to be a part of the Cheshire Cats’ football program, McCaskey participated in track and field, and cross country.In these sports he was exceptional.
His most recent book, Pillars of the NFL: Coaches who Have Won Three or More Championships, took him three years to write.  He started by researching teams and coaches who have won championships since 1920. “I was curious about who had the most championships.” McCaskey research uncovered 10 coaches who each held three or more wins, including his grandfather. His book, which now is a permanent part of the Cheshire Academy library, includes a chapter about each of those 10 coaches. For information on the book go here.
McCaskey has an impressive resume, which includes membership on the Chicago Bears’ Board, a position with the team as the senior director of special projects, and a Cheshire Academy Trustee. “I appreciate the opportunity to be a trustee, to have been given the honor of Commencement Speaker in 2009, and to have received the Headmaster’s Award in 1968,” he said. McCaskey was also named to the Cheshire Academy Kevin Slaughter Memorial Hall of Fame in 1988.