Tuesday, January 13, 2015

John Fox Head Coaching Candidate

John Fox, the former Head Coach of the Denver Broncos, has parted ways with the GM John Elway and quarterback Payton Manning.  There could be any number of reasons for Fox's departure, but it's hard to imagine anyone doing better.  Fox took the broncos into the playoffs three years in a row.  Manning may be about to announce his retirement and it just might be a good time for Denver to break links to the past.  John Elway said that he and John Fox agreed that he disagreed how to get to the next step.

Before Fox's seasons in Denver, he was Carolina for 9 seasons.  In Fox's time in Carolina, he brought the Panthers to the Super Bowl against New England and lost by 3 points.  He had the Panthers in the playoffs four time and had the Broncos in the playoffs all four seasons.  His head-coaching record is 119-89. 

Last year, Fox had a heart valve replaced, recovered quickly,  and wants to continue to coaching.  He is coach who is known for defense and with a passion for the game.