Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fox Says All the Right Things at Bears' Introduction

If you've listened to the John Fox interviews, you know he says all the right things and you have the impression that he means them.  Here are ten points that Fox has made:

1. Quarterback is one of the players and it takes 11 on the field.  Yes, the quarterback is important, but we should not look at the QB in a vacuum.  A lot of people point to Cutlet as the reason for the Bears tough season, but you have to look at a lot of reason's beyond Cutler. 

2. Fox is one of several important team managers.  The right staff is important.

3. Fox comes from great organizations and he brings with him those principles.  

4. Football is tough and he understands that players have to be tough physically and mentally.

5. Fox is a football guy. His life is steeped in football and he brings his passion with him.

6. Winning is fun and that's what is important.

7. He has just started to process of evaluation and he is skilled at it. 

8. He loves the fact that Chicago is behind the Bears and is a Bears town.

9. He understand the importance of winning in the division.

10. He does not assume the team will be great right away, but he does not shrink from responsibility. 

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