Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deli for Super Bowl

My daughter is working in the Deli in our local grocery store.  I am curious about the meats and cheeses people eat and ask her what people are buying these days.  When I was a kid, we ate bologna (after years of peanut butter and jelly).  The bologna came in the plastic containers that hung on the refrigerated section in the store.  Once in a while we'd have ham and cheese.  

When my mother would cook a meatloaf (once a week) the following day we'd have meatloaf sandwich.  But my mother was not an inspired meatloaf cook.  Our meatloaf was kind of hard as a rock.  But at least it stayed in one piece when cut.  Sometimes we'd have pork chops. My dad was a policeman and made pork chops sandwiches for our lunch.  It must have been a specialty at the time.  He would slather two pieces of bread with chunks of butter and cover the pork chop.  He'd leave the bone in.  It was always difficult to extract the bone without getting you hands full of butter.

Getting back to my daughter at the deli.  Most people eat turkey and cheese today.   Ham is probably a distant third.  There are tons of varieties of turkey.  They have Dietz and Watson meats and Land O' Lakes, which are premium brands.  Some of the turkey tastes like something from another world.  They have an Applewood Smoked turkey that is about $8 a pound on sale.  The good American cheese is running about $6 a pound. 

My wife buys the stuff on sale, but my daughter sometimes buys the Dietz and Watson stuff. If the average American can buy deli today for the Super Bowl they can get a darn good sandwich.  And believe it or not, my daughter's store is selling a nice little package of bologna for about a $1.  My wife makes a fried bologna sandwich which has just a little fried onion on it--it's very good, but not on my diet these days.  

Whatever you put on your table this weekend, I hope it is good.  At my table I am going to think about those who came before me and say a little prayer for them.  It seems like Super Bowl has become a second Thanksgiving Day only in the middle of winter.