Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dan Quinn Head Coach Prospect

Dan Quinn is finishing up two excellent years as the Defensive Coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have had the NFL's leading defense for two seasons and many people are pointing at Quinn's performance.  (Update: Last night Seattle beat Carolina 31-17 in the playoffs to move into the NFC Championship next week.)

A few years ago, Quinn was in Seattle coaching the defensive line and left to become defensive coordinator at the University of Florida in 2011-2012.  He had worked for Jim Mora who had coached before Pete Carroll took over as Seattle's head coach.  Quinn started out coaching in the pros in 2001 in San Francisco as its defensive quality control coach and worked briefly with the 49ers, Dolphins, and Jets.  Defense is his specialty. 

Quinn gets high marks for keeping things simple for the Seattle Seahawks and having his team well prepared.  He is a calm coach, but he is very enthusiastic as well. His players like him and he gives them some latitude on the field.   Pete Carroll likes his communication with the team and he's a very quick speaker. There's not a lot of long pauses with Quinn. 

Quinn was born in 1970 in Morristown, New Jersey.  He graduated from Salisbury State University where he played on the defensive line.  He also competed in track & field and he had a record breaking hammer throw (Before he moved to the pros, he coached at William and Mary, VMI, and Hofstra. 

Five teams looking for a head coach have interviewed Quinn.  Lot's of positive's with Quinn's work with Pete Carroll.

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