Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vince Lombardi is Featured in Pillars of the NFL

Vice Lombardi is one of the top ten coaches in NFL history and as such in featured in Pillars of the NFL.  You may know something of Lombardi or you may not.  Lombardi came from a Italian family that settled in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.  His mom's family, the Izzos, were a huge family who were well known in the area. Vince's father was a butcher.  Out east when Vince was young, Fordham University was a football power.  While at Fordham, Vince payed on Fordham's Seven Blocks of Granite line.  Lombardi's coaching career almost played out as a high school coach.  He finally went back to Fordham and then to West Point and finally to the New York Giants in 1954. 

When Lombardi moved on to coach the Packers in 1959, he was a seasoned coach and demanded control of the team. He was given it.

One thing Lombardi experienced himself was prejudice.  His Italian coloring made a certain number of people uneasy.  He didn't forget the snubs and when he took over Green Bay, he told his team that prejudice would not be tolerated.  His 5 NFL Championships in a decade will never be forgot in Green Bay or in the NFL.