Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Thoughts On How to Make Sports Programs Kid Friendly

Parents can make sports programs work for kids, rather than create programs for parents. Here are some ideas:

Parents need to let lose!  Let kids have fun, enjoy themselves, understands that realistically even the best athletes are not going to be pros!

Parents need to control their emotions!  Let the game end at the final tick on the clock.  Kids can hang out after the game and think about other  things. If parents create gloom after each game, the experience becomes harmful.

Everyone needs to play and even the best players need time out. Even though your kids are playing a team sport, each kid must focus on his or her own play after a game.  Kids can get better when they think about what  they can improve and let the other kids do the same.  This needs to be drilled into you kids, their own play needs to be the focus.