Monday, December 29, 2014

Pillars of the NFL: Tom Brady

In Patrick McCaskey's Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships he covers the ten greatest NFL coaches of all-time.  Among the pillars is Bill Belichick who coaches the New England Patriots to three Super Bowls.  Belichick is one of today's most gifted coaches and he has already made his mark on NFL history. 

 In Pillars, we describe some of Belichick's key players.  This post examines one of those. 

Tom Brady

Belichick liked Brady’s leadership qualities, his knowledge of the playbook, his practice habits, and most everything else about him. Tom Brady is considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He also serves as a team leader who does not disappoint his coach or fans. Brady plays big in the clutch, but does not let down at any time.  He is a tactical player who can perform a game plan with precision and masterfully ad lib.

In  Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams with just 1:30 remaining in the game, Brady came of age in the NFL.  He moved the ball up the field with three quick passes to running back J. R. Redmond.  Completions to Troy Brown and Jermaine Wiggins gave Vinatieri a 48-yard field goal attempt with 7 seconds remaining on the clock. Vinatieri made the kick, the Patriots won the game, 20–17, and Brady was named MVP.

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