Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pillars of the NFL: Cal Hubbard

In Patrick McCaskey's Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships he covers the ten greatest NFL coaches of all-time.  Among the Pillars are two coaches from Green Bay, Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi.  In Pillars, we describe some of the key players  for these great coaches and we'd  thought we'd reproduce some of that for our posts. 

Cal Hubbard

Huge for his time, Cal Hubbard was a 6-foot-4, 250 pound lineman with excellent speed who played tackle.  The Hall of Famer helped bolster the Packers’ offensive line and was a force on defense where he was known to roam at times like a linebacker.  Hubbard is considered to be among the best tackles in the first 50 years of professional football. 

Pillars of the NFL is the only book that includes the complete history of the NFL top ten coaches.  Everyone who loves NFL history will enjoy this great book. 

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