Monday, December 15, 2014

Chistmas Book for Discerning Readers: Pillars of the NFL

Pillars of the NFL
When we selected Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships, we were not writing for the casual fan.  It's not that Pillars has a lot of archaic coverage, it's more a question of whether fans want to know about the key coaches in NFL history.  

Just how much time did we want to spend digging up all the research and writing this book? 

Baseball fans are big on history. But how many football are interested?

When my author, Patrick McCaskey,  was well underway, ESPN picked up the idea of creating a kind of web page feature that offered a lot of sports giving their thoughts on the exact basis of our book--they called it the Greatest Coaches in NFL history.  ESPN featured lot of great features for their site and there are few NFL fans who have not seen it.  So we know the idea is sound. 

So if you are looking for something a football fan would appreciate and keep, well we'd suggest Pillars of the NFL.