Saturday, September 20, 2014

Willie Young, Reels 'Em In on Bears Defense

Bears backup defensive end and pass rush expert, Willie Young, has three sacks in this young season, and his playing time is increasing each game.  By design, the Bears defense is deep this year as the team made significant acquisitions to turn things around from last season's poor defensive showing.  The Bears' defense plays a rotation that brings in players like Young in more productive ways.  

The Bears just couldn't be the Bears for long with one of the weakest defenses in the league.  

Sack Times Two

Sacks are key plays.  They help swing  momentum and defenses just feed off them.  Young, who played in Detroit for 4 years,  had two keys sacks against Colin Kaepernick, which helped seal the come-from-behind win for the Bears.

Sack Dance

TV viewers got an opportunity to see Young's sack dance, that involves the 6-foot-4, 150 pound defensive end doing a quick impression of a man reeling in a fish.  Fishing happens to be a most enjoyable sport for  Young.  

Fellow Bears defensive ends, Jared Allan and Trevor Scott have been dinged up this past week so Young is looking more and more like  a great acquisition.

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