Friday, September 12, 2014

Hester Looking at Home in Atlanta

Devin Hester as Falcon, Creative Commons Wikipedia
Anyone who watches professional sports knows that there comes a time when a player needs a change of venue to regroup and start anew.  Certainly, the Chicago Bears are going to miss Devin Hester on kick and punt returns, but in my opinion, it was really time for the greatest return man to move on.  

Hester signed with the Atlanta Falcons in the off season.  He played a key role in Atlanta's victory over the New Orleans Saints last Sunday as a receiver, something that he lost out on the with Bears under Trestman.  For the Bears, Hester just never looked comfortable in the receiver role, but his new coach suggests that with Atlanta's large contingent of receivers that can be put on the field at the same time, Hester is not going to get the tight coverage (presumably that he got in Chicago) and there will be more opportunities--at least early on. 

Hester had made huge money with the Bears and last year his kick return numbers bounced back.  Hester had about 1,700 all purpose yards in 2013.   But the Bears had gone out and paid a lot of money for free agents to fill in the gaps that  they needed in the every down category to compete for a championship.  

Unfortunately, thus far, the Bears have looked anemic on special teams, but it is very early in the season.   You never know what the season will bring in terms of any one player's contribution, but it looks like the Falcons picked up someone who can help.  Yet, it was time for Hester to go some place that would give him another shot at wide receiver.  If he had been very good at in Chicago at the position when he had a chance, he would still be wearing the navy and burnt orange.  But there comes a time to move on and a fresh start can often renew a professional athlete.  Hester may very well have improved his receiver skills as well with more work.  We wish Devin Hester a lot of success in Atlanta as long as he is not facing the Bears.