Monday, September 29, 2014

Bears Are Just Fine, Thanks

There were many highs and lows in the Bears-Packers game, but one thing that seemed obvious this morning after the emotions have calmed down, is that the Bears are a very good team.  I think they will just get better.  Let me just note a few positives.  

1. Despite some heavy criticism of Cutler, let's keep in mind that one of his interceptions was a deflection to Clay Matthews and the other look like a bad route. 

2. Rookies who have moved into starting roles will only get better as the soon moves on.

3. The Bears can run the ball.  The Bears ran for 235 yards on 41 carries with Forte  running for 122 yards on 23 carries--averaging over 5 yards a carry.  Ka'Deem Carey ran 14 times for 71 yards. (Like a lot of other teams, the Bears don't have a fullback who can get the short yards in the red zone.)

4. The Bears offensive line is getting stronger--able to pass block and making improvements as well for the running game.

5. Bears are looking better on special teams.  Willie Young blocked a field goal and I like the onside kick attempt--It was a near perfect kick by Gould that I think the Bears could have recovered had they been looking for the ball a little earlier.  When it bounced past 10 yards, there were four Bears around it looking ahead.  

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