Thursday, June 19, 2014

London Olympic Stadium Kicks Off Modern Development

Chobham Manor House (Computer Illustration)
London's Olympic Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is promising to become more than just another great venue for sports and entertainment events in the future.  It is the seed of a housing development that is propelling Stratford, East London into modernity.  It all begins in now!

Build the stadium, build the housing, build a new environment for city living.

Developers have been given the green light to begin building the first new homes at Chobham Manor, the first new neighborhood to be built on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Chobham Manor will feature a mix of one to five-bedroom apartments and houses which are expected to go on sale soon, with residents moving in by late 2015.  Work also begins on the first phase of the new neighborhood itself which will feature tree-lined streets, clean-modern architecture, and landscaped areas.

Most of the original homes will be family homes with three or more bedrooms although they are essentially city buildings with connected units.  For most Americans, the buildings look like what we would think of as city condominiums.  A third of the units will be very affordable housing.  The homes will also feature modern environmental features and comforts.  

The Park-wide master plan calls for five new neighborhoods with up to 6,800 new homes to be built on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Chobham Manor will comprise of up to 850 homes, with new local schools, the world class sporting venues and picturesque parklands of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park right on their doorstep. Shops, restaurants and entertainment are a short walk away, with new shops and community facilities being built. 

London was able to build the Olympic Stadium and create the new environment for housing development.  In the Unites States, many sports developments are fraught with conflicts, politics, and fighting so fierce it’s hard to imagine anything of this scope being done in most any large US city.  A positive outcome from this London development may help inspire US city development of sports properties.


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