Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guy Chamberlin Gaining Fans

Guy Chamberlin
One of the greatest coaches in NFL history is Guy "Champ" Chamberlin who coached from 1922-1927.  He won four NFL championships, but he is rarely recognized as one of the greats by modern sports reporters, analysts, and writers.  The fact that Chamberlin played and coached in the first decade of professional football is likely the cause of the consistent lack of attention. He was also from Nebraska (no NFL team today) and the championship teams that he coached no longer exist. Yet, based on championships won, Guy Chamberlin is in the top ten. 

In Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships by Patrick McCaskey, Chamberlin  is one of 10 coaches featured.  

Pro Football HOF Chamberlin Display
There was no published biography on Guy Chamberlin and we worked with Lesa Arteburn from the Gage County (Nebraska) Historical Society and Janet Roberts of the Wymore Public Library for background information.  We were also helped out generously by Rob Sherwood from Virginia, who is Guy Chamberlin's grandson.  Official records and other sources were checked as well. As we continued to work with these outstanding people, the chapter on Chamberlin really became a labor of love for our author and work to shine light on the great Guy Chamberlin started to feel like a "mission."   The author's grandfather, George "Papa Bear" Halas played and coached Chamberlin himself and his praise for Chamberlin is immortalized in the book.  In the end, the Chamberlin chapter offers an excellent biography of the great man from Blue Springs.

Our book is new and I think I can say that 99% of Americans have no idea it exists, but I think it will help draw attention to the great coach from Nebraska.  The University of Nebraska has kept the coach's memory alive in the Cornhusker state with its Guy Chamberlin Trophy that honors a top senior football players at the school. The award has existed since Guy Chamberlin's death.  The Gage County Historical Society has featured materials on Chamberlin for some time.  Now it sells Pillars of the NFL and will host a signing and dinner with author, Patrick McCaskey, on December 7, 2014.  Details will follow on the Society's web site as we get closer to the date.  This week, the Beatrice Daily Sun reported in an Austin Buckner article that Blue Springs has been raising money for a Guy Chamberlin memorial to honor the great coach.   Pillars of the NFL is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum Store so thousands of football fans will be able to see the book first hand each year.  

Slowly, but surely, the word on Guy Chamberlin is being renewed by such efforts.