Monday, May 5, 2014

Hawks Win and Our Little Guy Screams

We have a two year old in our extended family who loves to jump and scream when the Hawks score goals.  It does not really matter whether it's the playoffs or not, when the Hawks score, he jumps up and down and bounces around in circles flailing his little arms and screaming his lungs out.  He gets his cue from his mother who is a huge Hawks, Cubs, Bears, and Bulls fan.  Mother and child have a little place Northwest of the city provided by the mother's father--the little boy's grandfather who lives a short distance away.  It's one of those single mother existences that has its tough times and good, but the Mom and little boy are forever attached in a very special way. 

The mother and son's love of professional sports is one of those added bonuses that people don't often consider when they think of the impact of professional sports on society.  The mom's interest in these Chicago teams gives her something exciting to think about every season of the  year.  The little boy has a uniform he can put on every day. 

"Is there a Cubs game today?  Well let's go with the Cubs jersey then."

Of course, the Blackhawks apparel is the best.  There is something especially attractive about the Blackhawks indian image and the insignias.  The little boy wears it well although his grandmother complained that he should not have had it on when his photo was snapped recently with the Easter Bunny.  

I am convinced that no matter what this mother and son may argue about as the boy grows up, they will be Hawks, Cubs, Bears, and Bulls fans for life. When the little boy and his mom visit with us, I sometimes sneak a Sox cap on him and put one on myself as we head over to a park--without the mother seeing us.   Sometimes I get caught and the mother gives me the business. But, she does not get too upset with me. 

There were screams of joy in the little house outside of Chicago last night.  I could hear them from here about 40 miles away.  The Blackhawks skated to a 4-1 victory against the Minnesota Wild in Game 2 of their Western Conference Second Round series at United Center.  

Tonight, the Cubs take on  the Sox at the first game of this year's crosstown classic.  So the Cubs jersey goes on today.  But it gets a little trickier after that for this week.  Tomorrow, the Hawks uniform will probably be back on as the Hawks play up in St. Paul.  I'm figuring the Hawks will take top position even though the Cubs will play the Sox again. But the Cubs jersey goes back on Wednesday.  Thursday is tough, because the Hawks and Cubs play again.  Then at some point during the NFL draft, the Bears uniform will go on.  There will be some decisions to be made.  It's a good thing the Bulls are out of it, otherwise it would be very difficult. 

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