Friday, May 9, 2014

Chicago Bears Select Kyle Fuller Their First Choice in 2014 Draft

The Bears selected former Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller in the first round of the 2014 draft with the 14th overall pick.  A good leaper with great instincts, Fuller is an excellent tackler.  The Fuller pick is getting an “A” grade from analysts around the country who believe the young man shows the kind of physical toughness that is especially important in the Bears’ division.  Fuller’s tackling abilities and a fearless approach at the line of scrimmage around big lineman on run support are also highly valued.
Although the safety position was one that most analysts believe is the Bears’ greatest need, the cornerback position needs more depth as the current stars are getting older.  Fuller was on Phil Emory’s hot list of top candidates.  The GM, who had witnessed Fuller’s skills first hand,  was exuberant over the selection.

According to Emory:
This is a player that is universally loved in our building.
Like other rookies, Fuller will buildup strength as he prepares for the pros although most believe he will play right away in the Bears’ nickel package and on special teams.  An an added bonus, Fuller will be playing with two of the best cornerbacks in football: Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings.  With these two mentors, Fuller will likely adjust to the pro game quickly. 
Fuller has two older brothers with professional football experience.  Corey Fuller is a wide receiver on the Lions and Vincent Fuller played for the Tennessee Titans before his retirement.
The cornerback position requires speed and agility along with the ability to anticipate the play of the quarterback—a cornerback needs to be intuitive.  A cornerback must be able to play both zone and single coverage—each scheme with its own challenges.  On running plays, a cornerback must shed blocks and tackle powerful runners who will no doubt be quick and elusive, if not larger and more powerful than .  Cornerbacks who are particularly adept at pass coverage will allow other defenders more time to get to the quarterback, force poor throws or obtain sacks. 

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