Monday, March 3, 2014

Sports Careers End, but Sports Makes an Indelible Mark

Almost, So Close, and It'll All Work Out 

In many families, when kids are young some show great athletic potential if not talent.  I can remember a nephew of mine as a toddler being able to dribble a basketball flipping the ball back and forth between his left and right hand like someone from the Harlem Globetrotters.  

Another nephew who is about 6-foot-6 was an excellent center for his high school basketball team and routinely chewed up opposing centers.  One of my daughters was the fastest thing on a soccer field her first few years in high school.  Another relative played baseball at a junior college as a possible warmup for at least a minor league career.  In every case and others within the family,  something happened to end the sports careers.

A busted knee, a detached Achilles tendon,  other physical and the occasional scholastic problem put a halt to a number of careers.  It happens all the time as kids move up towards the big time. When you watch your kids move up the ladder to sports excellence, you know that every season the competition gets tougher and tougher.  If your kid doesn't improve enough between seasons, often it is all over.

Our families have those "almost, so close, and it will all work out" experiences.  Life goes on without the great sports careers that we would have liked, but it does not go on without those sports experiences making an indelible mark on the athlete's heart and soul.   Good coaching and support is imperative.  And by good coaching I don't mean the "let's win any way possible who cares about the rules or anything else" kind of coaching.  I mean, the good coach is one who teaches excellent principles as your child is improving technique and learning new skills. In training circles, they talk about everything is KSA--knowledge, skills and abilities.  A good coach teaches solid moral principles into the knowledge portion of the equation.  Kids need to know how to behave, how to treat other athletes and teammates, and they need to know how to treat the officials. 

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