Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pillars of the NFL Goes to Press

Patrick McCaskey's latest Sporting Chance Press book, PILLARS OF THE NFL: COACHES WHO HAVE WON THREE OR MORE CHAMPIONSHIPS, is out to press today. This new book is perhaps our most ambitious publication to date. The book will be available in mid-to-late March--look here for news on it publication.

Pillars of the NFL examines the football lives of the legendary coaches who hoisted the game upon their shoulders and won the most NFL Championships.   Some toiled in the early days of professional football and some later, but all made vital contributions.  The NFL pillars took the weight of their teams on their shoulders in a way that allowed light to shine on players and fans—creating the greatest game in sports history.  

Who were these men?  

The Pillars of the NFL looks at these interesting and important coaches:  Bill Belichick, Paul Brown, Guy Chamberlin, Weeb Ewbank, Joe Gibbs, George Halas, Chuck Noll, Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, and Bill Walsh.  Pillars sheds light on the early lives, backgrounds, playing years, and teams of these great coaches—contributions to the game are examined—photos and illustrations provide a visual peak at the greats as well.  

 How did they succeed? 

Interestingly enough, while some of the coaches have similar approaches, the winning coaches had a variety of coaching styles and philosophies that made for great differences in their discipline, preparation, and relationship to players. Pillars of the NFL  provides the coaches' fascinating stories and the essentials on their teams and players.  All football fans will want to add Pillars of the NFL to their libraries.

 Update: Sporting Chance Press's Pillars of the NFL: Coaches Who Have Won Three or More Championships by Patrick McCaskey now available--March 2014!  Order your copies here  for immediate shipment.