Monday, February 24, 2014

Chuck Noll's Principles for Business Success

Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress
In the early stages of developing our next book, Pillars of the NFL by Patrick McCaskey, we enumerated 10 business principles of Bill Belichick based on our understanding of his work.  Today, we lay out 10 principles of business success based on our understanding of Chuck Noll and his work also based on the research that we did for Pillars of the NFL.  NFL teams are complex organizations that focus on the athletic team, but have a critical business component that must be considered in most decisions and actions.  Success is not limited to X's and O's. These will work for Pittsburgh business and most everywhere else!

                                               Noll's Principles

1. Acquire key game-changers who work passionately to influence others.  

2.  Maintain high expectations--never become complacent about performance.

3. Speak plainly and succinctly so you are understood.

4. Don't motivate with emotion--it won't last long.

5. Win with a "whatever it takes attitude" --nothing immoral, but everyone needs to understand that great  sacrifice is required for great success.

6. Encourage employees to maintain their balance, stay on their feet, and take the hard knocks  that come with the jobs, but they  must fight back. 

7. Defend your position first, attack the opposition second.

8. Everyone should have a life outside of work.

9. Private lives should be kept private in the workplace.

10. Teach employees--take time to develop and strengthen winning skills.

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