Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maddie Hits the Spot for Olympic Readers

As the world turns to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, smart teachers all over the world are making the most of kids' interest in the games to promote learning.  From history to geography, from current events to politics, from cultural studies to media trends, the Olympics serve as a kind of lighting rod to spark up kids' interest to any number of topics related to the games.  And of course for many kids, Olympic sports are absolutely fascinating. 

When we published our Maddie Takes the Ice book by international figure skater Nicolette House, we looked forward to seeing readers' interest peak in this middle grade novel in the Olympic season.  Maddie faces many challenges as she take the next step in her skating career preparing for regional competition.  She fights off nerves, her own self doubts, and some competitive bullying on her journey.  Called by skating critics, accurate and "true to life," Maddie Takes the Ice is an excellent book for young skaters and others interested in sports as they are about to follow this year's Olympics group of skaters.   

Maddie Takes the Ice is a repeat selection in America's Battle of the Books literacy program and is available at public libraries across the country.  The book is also available at select bookstores, online sellers, and the publishers' web site.  An ebook version of Maddie is available at Amazon