Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Luck Chris Williams

Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman and first round draft pick Chris Williams was released two years ago by the Bears. Injuries hampered Williams' practically from the start of his professional career. Williams was drafted as a left tackle, the premier offensive line position that is becoming more and more important in football. The left tackle is the key to keeping a team's quarterback protected from the blindside and all those premier pass-rushers. But it is also a position that I believe would be more likely to see injury than other offensive line positions. From what I have seen statistically, that has not been born out, but I think the Bears and other teams know that you have to have depth at the position or other offensive lineman who can fit in. Williams himself was moved around the line during his Bears career.

Anyone who watches professional football knows that sometimes great players need a change of venue to shine. Sometimes it's a change of coach, city, or scheme that helps. Sometimes it's something that changes in the players head where they take their play to a higher level once they lose a certain comfort zone. Sometime a player might improve as he feels more at ease in a smaller city. People are motivated by so many different things in different ways.

I believe there are some coaches who can only manage a certain type of player, but I have to believe that Lovie Smith was not one of those guys when he coached the Bears. I believe Bear fans were lucky to have a coach like Lovie who is going to give players a chance to develop, a chance to get over injuries and a chance to compete. In this way, I think Chris Williams got a fair shot that some other teams may not have provided. Nevertheless, I was hoping that things work out for Chris in another city.

I don't know Chris personally, but I believe he is a very good guy. It's been said that at charity events, he is generous with his time, warm and engaging with everyone he meets, kind and considerate. I think that's pretty darn good.

Update:  As it turned out, things have worked out for Chris.  He had two years with the Rams and he just signed a four-year contract with the Bills

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