Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who Will Top the Best Selling NFL Jersey List for 2012

It is fun to check out the most popular jerseys each year--it gives you an idea of where the fans hearts are at in any given year. Quarterbacks of course are still football's most popular players--many seem to fit the idea of all-American football heroes.

We mentioned in a post some time ago, that insurance giant Aon has a deal with Manchester United that was established in 2010 that reportedly cost $80 Million and literally puts "AON" on the team's Jerseys for four years. Right now the NFL has not gone in that direction, but you can bet that there's a lot of money in jersey sales.

Top NFL Sellers for 2011

For 2011, the Aaron Rodgers jersey was the top-selling according to sources from NFLshop. Second to Rodgers was none other than Tim Tebow. Peyton Manning was not in the 10 lists that I have seen--certainly due to his injury last year.

Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers popular safety with the NFL's most popular hair, has the number three most popular jersey. Drew Brees's jersey was the fourth most popular while the fifth most popular jersey was Tom Brady's.

The top defensive player jersey was Clay Matthews' at number six. Pretty impressive that Green Bay had two in the top ten. Philadelphia Quarterback Michael Vick's jersey came in at seven while rival quarterback Eli Manning's dashed home at eight. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo's shirt ranks nine while teammate wide receiver Miles Austin's ranks 10th. These rankings are a little dicey in that the seem to change often and I have not seen anything official that states that these are final for the year.

Of course, jerseys come in a lot of colors and styles today. There are special women's jerseys and of course, many made for kids. I would think that the jersey order above is really a collective ranking--someone added up a number of different jerseys that had each players name on them.

April 15 is when Nike takes over as the official jersey supplier to the NFL. Right now for 2012, I understand that Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow are dominating jersey sales.

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