Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael Floyd in 2012 Draft

Michael Floyd is another interesting pro prospect in the 2012 draft. He's a big wide receiver, about 6'3" and 220 lbs. His college stats are superb with 271 receptions for 3,686 yards and 37 touchdowns. Some scouts say that he does not have explosive speed nor great moves, but his scouting combine time for 40 yards was 4.47 seconds. Some scouts suggest that he looked in much better shape at the combine and that he had been banged up during the Irish season.

When you watch the ND film highlights, he does not look especially quick nor fast, but he always looks strong. On Floyd's behalf however, on film he seemed to be catching many passes last year in which he was not led very well or he had to slow down to take advantage of a open area between coverage. Pro teams that are looking for the bigger wide-receiver will be attracted to Floyd, whether they will be attracted in the first half of the first round is another story.

Almost all college stars are questionable pro prospects. Floyd is not a slam dunk pro star, but he has good size and speed. He had a few injuries at Notre Dame and was arrested on alcohol-related charges a few times during his college years. He could have been kicked off the team. These are mentioned in scouting reports as draft considerations.

There is so much at stake for a young man to look good going into a draft and Floyd has looked great. Some say Floyd played like a man among boys on the Irish team this past season, others say that his contributions were overrated. Some say he is a character risk, others say he has a tremendous work ethnic and he is a perfectionist. There are certainly broken records in his wake all over the playing field at Notre Dame. He is also a large strong receiver who can block. Physically, he looks like the kind of receiver many pro teams want to acquire.

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