Friday, March 30, 2012

Quintin Coples: Top Defensive Prospect in 2012 Draft

One of the top defensive prospects in the 2012 draft is Quintin Coples former defensive end and tackle of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Coples who most consider a defensive end moved over to tackle in 2010 when the Tar Heels needed help at that position. Based on the pro salary differences between defensive end and tackle, one would have to think that end is where he wants to be positioned for the draft.

According to there are 8 defensive ends that have base salaries of over $10 Million dollars now in the NFL. Defensive ends are one of the premier positions in football as the need for an effective pass rush has become such a critical part of the defense.

Coples is 6'5-6'6" and 275-285 lbs. depending upon the source. He reminds some physically of the super athletic Julius Peppers, also a former Tar Heel, who is a relentless defensive force for the Chicago Bears now. There are some different views of where Coples might end up in the pros, but most of the teams interested in him are in the market for a pass rusher.

Different scouts suggest that he is remarkably strong, quick, and a very versatile athlete. Some suggest that he is a player who looked after his future in the NFL by playing under control his last year in college thus bringing his stats down, but avoiding injury. It's hard to say and probably unfair to guess at something like that. During Coples collegiate career, the Carolina program was investigated, NCAA sanctions were made, and a head coaching change was implemented. I think most people would expect these things to have some impact on play. Most analysts suggest that Coples is the top defensive linemen and a superb athlete who has the gifts to be great.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong about Coples, the different views on Coples show how difficult it is to determine who will be great and who will not be great in the NFL. All the talent in the world does not mean a player will live up to expectations in the NFL. By the same token, a college player who thinks ahead to the pros while playing in a troubled program is not necessarily indicative of someone who won't give 100% to his NFL team.

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  1. You never know how someone will react to success. I think most people handle pressure much better than success, but it seems like many athletes thrive off of a nearly 50/50 mix of both.