Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Perfect Book for Middle Grade Girls

Our wonderful middle grade novel, Maddie Takes the Ice, is a book that we intend to sell for a long time. Sometimes, a book can gain popularity overnight--when your author is on a major TV show. But for most successful books, it takes a lot of work and time. We are lucky that Maddie Takes the Ice is essentially timeless.

We've had great reviews for Maddie and perhaps just as important, we've had great feedback from readers. There is nothing quite like a nice letter from a young reader who wants to thank the author and tell her about her own skating experiences.

More Coverage of Nicolette House

Our author, Nicolette House, will likely get some press in selected magazines as we get closer to the next winter Olympic Games in Sochi city of the Russian Federation. More coverage may come from renewed interest in figure skating as a sport that encourages healthy lifestyle choices around it. Nicolette's coaching and professional skating is another story behind the book that you may see as well. Nicolette's family--her Mom being a coach and former professional skater, and both of her grandmothers' interest in the sport is also a story line that I hope the media will pick up on. There is much to be said about the book and its author.

But when everything is said and done, we have two of the best reviews we could have hoped for anyway. One review by Jo Ann Schneider Farris gave us a number of hits on site and reached people across the country. A review by was also wonderful and inspiring.

Regretfully, one will never find a book like Maddie Takes the Ice at most neighborhood bookstores--at least not until we get on national TV. For now, the book can be ordered online directly from the publisher.

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