Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yes, Maddie Did Take the Ice

Nicolette House is the author of Maddie Takes the Ice our middle grade novel that is very popular with young girls. Most fiction writers have a propensity for carefully watching the world around them, noting small details in physical things and recalling the smallest hints of emotion and thought. They can "read people like a book."

Some writers are all that, but they are also people of action--who live out the story lines--adventurers, athletes, and more. Nicolette House is one of those.

"Maddie did take the ice."

Nicolette is a writer who is also a world class skater who has competed internationally. And she has experienced much of what makes Maddie an interesting character and much of what connects Maddie to the experiences of most every young girl.

We included a special letter in Sporting Chance Press's Maddie Takes the Ice inviting readers to write to Nicolette. It's always a great privilege for an author to hear from a reader. This is especially true for Nicolette who works with young skaters as a coach and makes presentations to schools and libraries.

As you can imagine, we don't get a lot of notes, kids being as busy as they are today. And when we do, we certainly wouldn't take advantage of fans by printing their heart-felt notes as endorsements. But we wanted to at least share one reader's sentiments that we thought they were especially wonderful.

A young skater wrote Nicolette to tell her that she enjoyed Maddie Takes the Ice so much that she finished it in just a few days. She went on to tell Nicolette about herself and her own experiences saying they were similar to Maddie's. As she closed the note, she said she was very happy that things turned out well for Maddie because she worked hard and deserved it. It was a good letter to get as we enter a new year--authors and publishers need inspiration too! We were happy to hear from our young reader who was reaching out to our author as a new friend. Our reader, like Maddie, understands the importance of hard work.

We wish all of you success and happiness this year and thank you all for your support.

Photo: Nicolette signing author wall at legendary Cover to Cover Book Store in Columbus, Ohio.

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