Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gabe Carimi Gets Ready for 2012 Season

The Bears had hoped for great things from Gabe Carimi as the 2011 season began. According to Mike Tice, “... I felt when he got hurt in New Orleans, he was playing as good of football as anyone we had.” Carimi recently had surgery on the connective tissue around his patella (kneecap) and medial collateral ligament. This type of surgery is likely to tighten up the kneecap to help avoid further dislocation. Earlier this season, he underwent arthroscopic surgery after his initial injury in the second game of the year against New Orleans.

One of the problems with a dislocated knee, is the possibility of the injury recurring. There are certain measures that are prescribed to help stabilize the knee depending upon the individual situation. Carimi's second surgery does not necessarily indicate any further injury, it is likely an added step to give him a better chance for a longer more productive career.

Lineman, especially tackles like Carimi, are expected to move quickly to block some of the quickest most skilled defensive players. As the defensive ends become bigger, faster and more allusive, the tackle position comes under greater stress. Several teams are running short of healthy offensive linemen this season.

Bear fans look forward to watching a healthy Carimi bolster the offensive line for a healthy Cutler, Forte and others in 2012.
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