Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chicago Bears Edwin Williams Steps Up

Bears fans know, perhaps more than most NFL fans, the importance of the offensive line. The Bears “franchise quarterback” Jay Cutler began playing for the Bears in 2009, but before the Bear’s offense could come out to play with the big boys, the offensive line had to start clicking.

The Bears have come on strong lately because the offensive line has improved, but they haven’t played with their first round draft pick Gabe Carimi who was injured in the second game of the season against the Saints with a dislocated knee. Carimi looked like he was heading back to action in late October when he returned for limited practice, but he left the practice field and underwent arthroscopic surgery on November 11th after he continued to experience problems. A dislocate knee can be a recurring injury and it seems like everyone involved is trying to give Carimi the best chance for a long productive career with the Bears.

Chris Williams, the Bears left offense guard was quietly performing very well in the new improved offensive line, but he injured his wrist in the Bears-Lions rematch. Emergency surgery was needed. Both Williams and Carimi will miss the rest of the season.

Character Matters

Bears right guard, Lance Louis moved from to right tackle to replace Carimi and has done very well. Louis has stepped up to the plate and performed the tackle position with skill while demonstrating character and determination.

Edwin Williams is filling in for Chris Williams at left guard. Edwin Williams played center at the University of Maryland and was an undrafted free agent who signed with Washington Redskins in 2009. (His coach, Offensive Line Coach Mike Tice was a at the University of Maryland in the late 70's.

Edwin Williams was picked up by the Bears in 2010. Edwin Williams received the 2008 Wilma Rudolph Award, an award that is given to student-athletes who have overcome "great personal, academic and/or emotional odds to achieve academic success while participating in intercollegiate athletics."

Mike Tice and his offensive line have had to remake themselves several times over the last couple years. The coach and his players deserve a lot of credit for what they have accomplished.

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