Thursday, October 6, 2011

Schedule a Visit by Nicolette House in Advance of Sochi Olympics

There are 855 days before the start of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games to be hosted in Sochi in the Russian Federation.

The host city Sochi has a population of 400,000 people and is situated in Krasnodar, which is the third largest region in Russia. Hosting the Olympics is a huge undertaking. It will be the fist time the Winter Games have been hosted by Russia. The Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.

Volunteers and Coca Cola

An army of employees and volunteers will be needed. According to the official Sochi Olympics website, "the Volunteer Program is one of the most ambitious estimated 25 000 volunteers will be involved during the Games in Sochi in more than 20 areas of activity. Altogether, the volunteers make up about 30% of the total workforce of the Games."

In part to keep all those volunteers, employees and visitors drinking Coke Products, Coca-Cola has opened a huge beverage plant in Rostov-on-Don with 400 employees.

Tempus Fugit on the Rink

We all know how time flies and skating fans will be watching the various competitions for the next two years that lead up to the Olympic competition. Winter Olympic games often feature some of the best figure skating competitions and Sochi figures to be a great one. As we get closer to the Olympic Games, educators, schools and libraries will use the Olympics as a context for teaching programs and lessons. At Sporting Chance Press

Now is a good time to book ice dancer, figure skating instructor and Sporting Chance Press author, Nicolette House for a presentation. Nothing helps energize and inspire students more than a positive role model making a personal appearance. In Nicolette's Figure Skating and Writing Program, listeners get many strong positive messages. Students get a first hand glimpse of what it takes for a young athlete to compete. Nicolette talks about the importance of discipline in practice, the need to respect authority and communicate with Mom and Dad, and the necessity of a healthy diet to be at one's best. Nicolette also talks about how she came to write her book: Maddie Takes the Ice, a compelling figure skating story for ages 8-12 that is an America's Battle of the Books selection for 2011.

Nicolette's presentation is suited for elementary and middle/junior high school audiences and parents. It is a fun "show and tell" program that offers an up close and personal look at a positive role model for students. Nicolette is a figure skater and coach. Her mother, Ilona House is a former professional skater who coached Nicolette and has coached in Chicago and the northwest suburban area for many years.

Nicolette House is a four-time U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist. Skating since the age of three, she went on to compete in European, World, and international ice dance competitions with her skating partner Aidas Reklys. Along with Aidas, the author recently created After Dark (2010) and Military Time (2011) skating shows featuring several top international skaters. Ms. House is a recent graduate of DePaul University.

Like her Figure Skating and Writing Presentation, Maddie Takes the Ice keeps readers attention with plenty of drama and social interaction--life lessons included. The book has been purchased by young readers as far away as Norway. More on Maddie Takes the Ice.

If you are interested in having Nicolette speak at your school or library, please let us know at

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