Friday, October 28, 2011

Chris Harris Picked Up by Lions; Leaves Chicago with Class

Reports surfaced today that Chris Harris was picked up on waivers by the Detroit Lions. Harris was released by the Bears after a some rocky games this year that included injury and some sub-par performances. In an interview on ESPNs Waddle and Silvy Show, Harris displayed a combination of honesty, clarity and class that is rare for someone in his position. The interview took place before the Lions made their move.

According to Harris, he harbors no ill will for anyone in Chicago. He bid a fond farewell to Bears fans and also had complimentary remarks about the Bears team itself--saying that the defense still had the talent to dominate and it was getting better.

You had to be impressed by the insight and maturity of his answer when asked about his release versus the Bears holding on to other players that might not have performed to expectations as well. According to Harris, the Bears made changes where they could make them - where they felt they had depth. The Bears had drafted at the safety position and they believe that the young guys they have should be able to step in now.

Harris also suggested that the Bears decision was all about football not tied to any ill will that might be harbored because of tweets, etc. Harris went on to say that he felt 100% now and that he believed he had years of NFL play ahead of him.

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