Monday, October 24, 2011

Bears Need More than Forte

Matt Forte is getting high marks from Bears fans and the media all across the country. And for good reason. After just 7 games, Forte has almost 1100 combined rushing and receiving yards. The Bears have improved to a solid offensive team with Forte's impressive runs and receptions. The Bears offense has moved up to 17 in the rankings. The Bears are also moving up the chain on power rankings--now 14 on Brian Billick's

The Bears run game not only adds balance, but also helps take the heat off the offensive line by eliminating a constant pass rush from opposing defenses. But, the Bears will need a balanced offense if they are going to beat the best teams in the NFL and isn't that what it's all about? The 2011 Bears need to continue to develop their passing game with Cutler and his receivers.

If the Bears are going to win their rematches against the Lions and the Packers, they will need a solid offense that includes Cutler and his wide receivers as well as Matt Forte running and receiving. Barber's role is also important especially for the short yardage situations.

Of course, continued success from the special teams will help give the Bears much needed extra help against the NFL's elite.

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