Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bears' Coaches Make a Lot of Sense

Bears fans and the press can't help but analyze the Bears looking for a sense of how good they might be this year as we move towards the season. But preseason is always a little rough and tumble--and there priorities are not just focused on winning in the preseason.

A high number of quarterback sacks in the first preseason game against Buffalo gave some people nightmares. On the other hand, the veteran coaching staff shared some good insights on the Giants game.

Head Coach Lovie Smith was not happy with the Bears' performance, but after the dust settled, he did say there were some positives. Smith was especially unhappy with the Defense and Special team play.

Most fans are more concerned with the offense and want to know how it will perform this year. It was Mike Martz who was asked about the offensive performance in the Bears Giants game and his responses were instructive. My thoughts in ital.

1. The preseason is not so much focused on any one game each week. Game preparation is much abbreviated. The focus remains on seeing players in game situations and then responding accordingly. In other words, game plans are not the focus.
2. The offensive line is improving remarkably and the coaches will expect no less from them with each new game. Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler praised the line improvements as well. Smith would have liked the Bears to finish much better. The offensive line sets the tone for the offense and it should be much better than last year, but it must get much better if the Bears are going to make a run at the top teams.
3. Roy Williams is fine, but much is new to him. Cutler says Williams will play his role well and his performance depends upon the game plan and what the defense will give the Bears. Williams was a good acquisition and he is making progress, but the coaches are not expecting a superstar.
4. Johnny Knox is a much improved player and is still growing--he will keep getting better. Don't write off Knox--he is young and relatively inexperienced, but he continues to improve.
5. Dane Sanzenbacher, rookie wide receiver from Ohio State has great work habits and has come a long way. He can be used in three different positions. Sanzenbacher is a positive and valuable addition, but he's a rookie.
6. This year Jay Cuttler knows the offense and he can give other players more instruction. Now he can read and react--he's playing exceptionally well. If the line holds, Cutler and the offense will be much improved. Cutler should be much more aware of things going on around him.

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