Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 10 Commandments of Baseball: Perfect Book for Boys

Most parents and teachers know that you can't cram something that's good for kids down their throats. There has to be some attraction from the start. Kids have to want it.

For many boys, the reading habit is one of those good-for-you habits that is difficult to form. One of the best ways to encourage the habit in boys, is making sure that they have something that is attractive and interesting to read. Some educators suggest magazines with short articles and lots of illustrations and pictures. The idea is to give the boy something in a bite size morsel on topics that he is interested in to get the reading habit started. Books are better because they help give the boy a sense of self esteem upon completion--"I read another book."

Some boys just have a difficult time reading at all. As a boy becomes older, if his reading skills are not up to par, it can become even more difficult for him to improve his reading because most materials that may be at his reading level may not be at his interest level. It's a little like an adult who begins piano lessons, the beginner's piano book may be loaded with little songs that would appeal to an 8-year old. It's important to encourage reading early and keep encouraging it.

Our book, The 10 Commandments of Baseball is a perfect storm of a baseball book that is made up in large part of short bits on famous baseball players that illustrate the baseball principles presented. It's written at about an 8th grade reading level so it is accessible to many younger fans as well as adult fans. One of my customers told me that her 10-year old grandson "simply loved the book"--and we know from our author's presentations, the book has plenty of young fans. The National Baseball Hall of Fame photos, the vintage look of the book and it's manageable size make it a wonderful book for boys and girls interested in baseball. The book is an affectionate look at Joe McCarthy's rules for baseball and life -- so it's got plenty of "good stuff" in a package that attracts readers of all ages.

The book is available from Sporting Chance Press. It's a perfect book for a reading group, class or a book club as well.

Photo is from Library of Congress Collection: "Kids at a ball game at Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Michigan"--John Vachon Photographer.

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