Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pat McCaskey's Sports and Faith Arrives

Bears Senior Director, Patrick McCaskey works with players and staff to continue the faith stewardship and community outreach programs that have been part and parcel of his organization for decades. His new book, Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout is now available. Sports and Faith is McCaskey's spiritual chronicle of athletes and coaches who struggled to make the cut on and off the field — plus people who have left comfortable lives to serve the under-served in many ways. Personal experiences of growing up in an exceptional sports family are also shared.

The spiritual outreach to players is important because athletes often face difficult lifestyle choices and moral challenges. Many professional sports teams work with religious men and women to help players and staff continue their spiritual enrichment. The Chicago Bears bring in speakers and inspiring men and women who share their faith and life-lessons with players. According to the author, “We don’t force feed anyone, but faith is fundamental to our care-taking efforts.” The Bears are also involved in many charities that are directed and supported by amazing people from all walks of life who also find themselves on the pages of McCaskey's book.

Patrick McCaskey is an author and speaker known for his humorous and moving presentations on sports, community and faith. He is chairman of Sports Faith International an initiative that recognizes people who are successful in sports while leading exemplary lives.

Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout is published by Sporting Chance Press of Crystal Lake, Illinois and is available directly from the publisher's web site and Catholic/Christian bookstores like St. Peter's Book and Gift Shop on west Madison in the loop, the Christian Shop LTD in Palatine, C and A Inspirations in Champagne and more each day.

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