Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keep the Faith: Bears in Playoffs

I embrace the sports philosophy that you stick with the guy who brought you to the dance. There was a lot of discussion at the end of last season about how the Bears should fire Coach Lovie Smith. Certainly much of that was hyperbole extolled by sports writers and commentators who spin negative stories for ratings and readership more frequently than politicians sling mud at each other. For my money last season was marred by injuries and learning curves more than coaching, but that's another story. It seems today that everyone is trying to hold onto their jobs--life is tough and people get mean.

Coach Smith has just tallied his third Division championship and we have the playoffs to look forward to this year. Not bad. One reporter called it a miracle finish for Smith. Miracles do happen when you keep the faith.

What happens if one miracle isn't followed by another? While there are those who think that anything less than a Super Bowl win is a losing season, most fans think otherwise. A good year is a good year. Let's hope this year just gets better.

We'll see what happens next.

Photo is of the Miracle Windows at Cantebary Cathedral.

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