Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maddie Takes the Ice Gets Great Review from

At Sporting Chance Press we just got another great review of our newest book Maddie Takes the Ice. If you have been following Sporting Chance Press Talk, you saw our notice on Joe Ann Schneider Farris' review on just a few weeks ago. This new review comes from -- a great site that offers information on a multitude of skating topics for figure skaters, their families and coaches.

There are so many great things in the review, we hope you will link to the IceMom site and read it in its entirety. Figure skaters of all kinds will love this book, which explores Maddie's world which is warm and reassuring at home, but can also be anxious and trying when she faces the challenges of competitive figure skating. The following is a few lines from the review that express the essence of why rates it a buy:

Maddie’s mental toughness journey is very, very good and the reason to buy the book. House, a psychology major, has done us parents a real favor. Maddie’s teen readers will want to give Maddie advice as they’re reading. They’re going to see the what not to do for a figure skater’s mental preparation and they’re going to start coaching Maddie in their minds. I’m telling you: if your skater is a bundle of nerves, this might be just the book to get her.

IceMom sees the positive messages for young readers in Maddie and it's that added dimension outside of the book's entertainment quality that we loved from the first draft to the finish at Sporting Chance Press. Kids will love to read it, parents will appreciate the messages crafted ever so gently throughout by the author Nicolette House.

[Nicolette shown above "decorating" the "Authors' Wall" at Cover to Cover Bookstore in Columbus, Ohio where she was signing copies of Maddie.]

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