Friday, June 25, 2010

Maddie Takes the Ice Gets Excellent Review

It's always good to get compliments on your work; this is especially true in publishing. We were thrilled this past week when Jo Ann Schneider Farris, Managing Editor of Guide to Figure Skating gave Nicolette House's Maddie Takes the Ice Five-Stars in her review:

Maddie Takes the Ice is one of the most accurate and "true to life" fictional books about competitive figure skating. It not only will inspire, but will also give those interested in the sport some insight on what it takes to be a competitive figure skater. ..

Jo Ann’s site, Guide to Figure Skating, is full of great information on figure skating and it was truly an honor for us to have such kind words from her. Jo Ann won a Silver Medal in Ice Dancing at the United States National Figure Skating Championships and is a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist. She coaches, writes and lives figure skating – her motto is “happy skating.” For Jo Ann’s complete review of Maddie Takes the Ice go to: ( Review). See for ordering information on Maddie Takes the Ice.

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