Monday, May 10, 2010

Maddie Takes the Ice

At Sporting Chance Press we are all about publishing books that bring out the best in sport. Maddie Takes the Ice is our first middle grade novel for ages 8-12.

As our compelling cover copy reads:

Madison Albright is one of the most confident skaters at the Arctic Circle Figure Skating Club, but the pressure builds as she prepares for the regional championship. A jealous skater is prepared to do whatever it takes to knock Madison from the competition and an old friend turns against her just when she needs her the most. Strangers and classmates alike suddenly make her the center of attention. Her stern coach seems incapable of understanding her worries. Her best friend is preoccupied with boy problems. At home, her family expects a big win. In the final days before the event, her confidence begins to unravel and she struggles to succeed in spite of the stress and strain that is competitive figure skating. Come along for an unforgettable journey as Maddie Takes the Ice.

The book is getting very high marks from our readers and it carries several very strong positive messages without hitting kids over the head with them.

Author Colette House who competed herself at the very highest levels in figure skating, wants readers to understand how to get through the pressure of the sport in healthy ways -- keeping communication open with supporting parents and maintaining a positive demeanor all the while working towards one's personal best and goals.

Most people who have seen the book simply buy it--it's that attractive. The cover illustration was created by Laila Kimball. The book layout was designed by Don Torres with special silhouettes to liven up the chapter openings.

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