Monday, March 22, 2010

Increasing Positive Influences

What we are trying to do at Sporting Chance Press is bring out the good in sports and somehow help people improve their game in life. Sports can be a great way for us to learn and practice healthy principles--teamwork, self-discipline, preparation, practice, etc. The violence in our young people's world shows that life without principles can get awfully ugly. Promoting those principles in an engaging and interesting way can help.

We all need to have that little voice in our heads that tells us to stay on course. People live their own lives although they are influenced by those around them. A good book on sports is long way removed from the key influences on young people like their fathers, mothers teachers, brothers, sisters and others. Good books are a very small part of the process, but we are doing what we can. Our authors do more than write to help.

Author J. D. Thorne speaks to many different groups about the 10 Commandments of Baseball - principles for baseball and life. If there are young people present they love to participate in the discussion. It's encouraging to see how young people want to do the right thing with a little encouragement.

J. D.'s first presentation was to a very appreciative Prison Camp audience in Duluth so we know his message on principles can be very powerful. Even men who have seen a lot of bad things in life can still muster up some enthusiasm for the good.

But perhaps our greatest influence on people is with average Moms, Dads and grandparents who are reminded of the benefits that good sports programs, coaches, and players had on them. They are reminded that encouraging other people to have those postive experiences can be a great benefit.

After a presentation, a few people will offer encouragement to those in their families. Some will take a young person to their first baseball game or show up at a granddaughter's next game to offer encouragement. Some will write a check to the Little League or make an extra contribution to a charity that helps troubled kids.

Others might be inspired to look in the mirror and take a more active role in helping those around them -- they might "take the bat off their shoulder" after they have kept it there for years. If we can help to increase the positive influences in life, perhaps it will help drown out the negative ones.

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