Monday, August 17, 2009

Baseball Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Baseball Quiz Posted in July.

1. Joe McCarthy won seven World Series championships while managing the New York Yankees. What other Yankee manager matched that number?

Casey Stengel

2. What Hack Wilson hitting record may never be broken?

191 RBIs in 1930

3. There were a lot of people who carried “Babe” as a nickname in the first half of the 20th Century. One Babe, Babe Ruth played under legendary manager Joe McCarthy, but he was not McCarthy’s favorite Babe, Who was?

His wife whom he called "Babe"

4. A newspaper reporter once said about this Hall of Fame player during his second year: “With his zany, neck-risking style young _____will burn himself out within very few seasons…He is much too wild and reckless to keep his arms, legs and head intact.” This player would go on to play 24 seasons. Who was he?

Ty Cobb

5. This Hall of Famer had a very simple philosophy of hitting. When asked what he looks for while at the plate, he said, “All I can tell you is I pick a good one and sock it.” Who was he?

Babe Ruth

6.Obama has his economic recovery plan. During the depression, Roosevelt had his plan that included a public work relief program that was responsible for a splendid conservation and construction program. This group constructed over 800 parks including many baseball fields such as Breese Stevens Fields mentioned in the 10 Commandments book. Roosevelt’s public work relief program was known as what?

CCC - Civilian Conservation Corp.

7. From 1955 to 1960, which Chicago Cub hit more home runs than Mantle, Mays and Aaron who were also playing at that time?

Ernie Banks

8. Both Joe McCarthy and Hack Wilson played for a Minor League Team from Toledo. This team continues to operate today. In fact, you may have caught a glimpse of Team mascots, Muddy and Mudonna who were present when Extreme Makeover Home Edition had an episode in Toledo. What is the name of this team?

The Mud Hens

9. What famous Hall of Fame player whose nickname conjures up images of Bugs Bunny said “There is much less drinking in baseball than there was before 1927. That is because I quit drinking on May 24, 1927.

Rabbit Maranville

10. In 1906, the Chicago White Sox had a team batting average of just .230, but won the World Series. What nickname was used to describe the Sox at the time? Who did they beat?

The Hitless Wonders - -- Chicago Nationals also called Chicago Cubs

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