Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 Commandments of Baseball Publishes

After publishing hundreds of books while working for a large corporation, publishing my first title as publisher of my own corporation was unique. I am thankful to have had as my first project, The 10 Commandments of Baseball by J. D. Thorne. It was especially lucky to have several of my old publishing contacts lend a hand as freelancers on the project.

No one expected a book cover that rivals the best sports books covers from the largest publishers, but Don Torres delivered one that has received nothing but "ahhs" from everyone who has seen the book. Online images that you see on my website at do not do it justice. Laila G. provided a superb, yet simple book design. My good friend, Lynn Brown, who is one of the few people I know who has worked in publishing as long as I have, gave the work one last quality control check right at the wire. David Bernacchi's images along with those from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Associated Press really helped to create the right balance between text and illustrations. My thanks to Joe Gornick for sending J. D. my way when the project was in its earliest stages. Our printer, LifeTouch, gave the project special attention that produced a first class book. Sandi Robison, my LifeTouch customer service representative, stood out on the dock with the shipping staff on very cold day in Loves Park and made sure that we got the books securely stowed away in our van on pick up. I'd also like to thank my first customer, Mrs. B. from Wisconsin, who bought a copy of the book for her husband who played baseball in his younger days and though he never made it to the big leagues, continued to love the game with passion all his life. If the USPS did their job, Mr. B. should have gotten his book on Christmas eve while visiting his daughter in Arizona.

And thanks all of you readers who have been patient with me while I digressed from sports information to discussions about my business. I promise this will be the last self-serving post for a long time!